Our Covid-19 Strategy


Steps that we use to ensure a safe working environment:


In and around the office

  • Meetings to be held remotely to avoid in-person meetings
  • Hand sanitizer in multiple areas around the office and general work area
  • We strictly enforce a 2m social distancing rule inside and outside the office
  • After an appliance is used it has to be wiped down with disinfectant


Visiting customers

  • All visitors must use the NHS’s track and trace service
  • We have a temperature checking service at the entrance of the building that has to be used upon entry
  • Before entry you must write down your name and phone number
  • We only permit a limited amount of people to visit at one time
  • Masks must be worn at all times during the visit
  • Keep a 2 meter social distance at all times
  • If during the visit you need to use the toilet, we have a separate controlled area that is cleaned after every use.


Cleaning the workplace

  • Work areas are frequently cleaned
  • All used PPE must be disposed of properly


We are taking Covid seriously and ensuring that all necessary precautions are taken to ensure our staff and customers are safe.

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